KAZE Seaside Mentality

The project`s design is based on the communication between the urban and the natural elements. Inspired by the coastal region of Corinth, called Kalamia (reeds) we wanted to introduce into the space the physical elements through the reed, the sea, the water and the air: These elements, being directly and timelessly associated with the site, exude strength and the meaning of life.


Facts & Credits:
Status: Completed
Project: KAZE Bar & Cocktail Restaurant
Area: 300m2
Location: M. Alexandrou 3, Corinth, Greece
Architecture Office: DEZONE Archi+
Design: DEZONE Archi+
Project Magement: Tasos Christofilopoulos
Lighting Design: Xenia Skabaviria
Graphic Design: Sal Athens
Year of Completion: 2016
Photography: Takis Nikolopoulos