Traditional Cycladic architecture in modern living standards

Boho Sapiens Seaview

Milos Island, Greece

Located near the traditional settlement of Adamas, in Milos Island, this luxury residential complex is the new addition to Boho Sapiens’ portfolio. The starting point of the design was the highlighting and reformulation of the traditional Cycladic architecture of the island in modern living standards. At the same time, the main aim is the unobstructed view of the majority of the 7 apartments on the bay of the island, with absolute respect for the natural environment, as well as the creation of view frames from and to the complex.

Structurally, the building is organized into 2 basic volumes that are joined at the level of the first floor through a “portico” that aims to intensify the axial access in the plot and the creation of a portal that welcomes the visitor and leads to the entrances of the ground floor apartments or to the staircase leading to the first floor. The volumes are separated by the material of white pressed plaster or stone, which creates an interesting visual diversity.

The variety of  textures, soft and hard materials such as wood, wicker, metal and linen and the use of earthy colors, aim at a modern transcription of the island’s architecture that interacts with the existing landscape that surrounds the building.

Design Team
Tasos Christofilopoulos, Aliki Angelidi, Eirini Maurouka, Sofia Anagnostopoulou


Light Architecture

Skia Lighting

boho sapiens seaview milos